• Starting Point Michaels Landing - RM 131
  • End Point Hyak Park - 122
  • Why this Trip

    Launching from the City of Corvallis, this is an easy-to-access experience that offers scenic views. This can be a good stretch for paddling and camping with kids since it’s not a lot of mileage overall. Best of all, your shuttle is very direct as it is all along one road (about a 15 minute drive, one way). Some paddlers have been known to call an Uber or Lyft at the take out (Hyak Park) to transport them back to their vehicle in Corvallis (of course this only works if you have a paddling buddy who can stay with your boats and gear at Hyak in the interim).

  • Conditions and Equipment

    Moving water with current.

  • Amenity Highlights

    There is a portable restoroom at Michaels Landing, and a restroom at Hyak Park. At Michaels Landing you can walk to dining options in Corvallis on 1st Street.

  • Trip Description

     Michaels Landing is a rustic launch, but you can get your vehicle very close to the water which is helpful for loading. Once your boats are unloaded and packed, park your vehicle in the upper lot or on 1st street or the surrounding neighborhood. You will loose the trappings of the City after less than a mile of paddling. A highlight and great stopping point is Tripp Island, an OPRD Greenway Property and Water Trail campsite (not listed on the map) located at RM 125. In the summer months the back channel (on river left) may be too shallow to complete all the way through, and be aware of wood debris frequently found at the downstream end of the back channel. The downstream eddy at the bottom of Tripp’s backchannel can make for a nice swimming hole. Another good option is Half Moon Bend, just a mile upriver. This campsite is a large inside bend that offers camping on the beach, or up a short bank. Be aware of rocks at lower water levels on river right as you near Bowers Rock State Park. Hyak Park offers a rather long inclined ramp for the take-out. Be sure to share the area with other users accessing the river here. 

  1. Half Moon Bend Landing

      1. Camping
      2. Fire Ring
      3. Hiking
      4. Wildlife
      • River Mile 126-27
      • Latitude 44.59335
      • Longitude -123.18395

    Loading A large property suitable for camping on the gravel bar or the upper bench above the gravel bar. Primitive trails can be found around the property.  

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  2. Riverside Landing

      1. Camping
      2. Hiking
      3. Wildlife
      • River Mile 125.5
      • Latitude 44.60122
      • Longitude -123.19691

    Loading Another large property suitable for primitive camping on the upper bench area with relative solitude (although nearby Tripp Island offers a nicer camping experince with more space and campsite…

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  3. Tripp Island

      1. Camping
      2. Wildlife
      • River Mile 125
      • Latitude 44.60901
      • Longitude -123.18731

    LoadingThis lovely, large gravel bar island is easy to miss when paddling between Corvallis and Albany, but it makes for a wonderful campsite or lunch break.  The backchannel often dries…

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  4. Bowers Rock State Park

      • River Mile 122-23
      • Latitude 44.63322
      • Longitude -123.1694

    LoadingA large property with a great backchannel to explore (primitive trails, no amenities).

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