Shuttle Options

Shuttle “How To” and Options

Shuttleology- it can feel like a real science sometimes! While there are a few areas of the river where you can wander out and back in a loop, due to the current, that is uncommon on much of the river. 

On the Upper and Mid river, your trip will likely involve a “put-in” or launch point at a designated location or point “A,” and a river access “take-out” of your choosing at secondary location or a point “B.” Your shuttle plan is what will get you, your paddling buddies and all your gear from one point to the other at the end of your trip.

We wish that there were more options for shuttle services that serve in the entire Willamette Basin! While there are no formal shuttle services at this time some companies that offer kayak and raft rentals that may be able to arrange a custom shuttle for you if you are in their area. Due to the close proximity to civilization throughout the Valley, one should not rule out calling Uber or Lyft to collect you from the take-out and return you to your vehicle at the put-in (provided you have a buddy present to watch your gear at the take-out while you are gone).

When in comes to parking your vehicle at a public river access site, especially if you are beginning a multi-day trip, make sure all of your valuables are tucked away, and that your roof rack system is secured. If you are not sure if it is permissible to leave your vehicle at a certain site overnight, contact the managing body and let them know that you are a Water Trail user. Sometimes they can make a recommendation for you or give you permission to park overnight. Some county parks even have an overnight parking form you can fill out on line.

Shuttles explained by canoe guru, Paul Mason