• Starting Point Cloverdale Access - RM 12.5
  • End Point Mount Pisgah - RM 2.5
  • Why this Trip

    Scenic views of a lively river that is not often traveled.

  • Conditions and Equipment

    This section of river has ample current, though summer flows can be quite low, and occasional snags and rocks. It is suitable for canoes and kayaks year-round. In the summer months plan to carry your craft over some shallow spots.

  • Amenity Highlights

    There is parking at both Cloverdale Access (free) and at Mount Pisgah (fee required). Cloverdale has portable toilets.

  1. Cloverdale Access

      1. Restrooms
      2. Vehicle Access/Parking
      • River Mile 13.0
      • Latitude 43.91477
      • Longitude -122.99376

    LoadingThis makes a good put-in point for the lower stretch of the Coast Fork. It is a fairly isolated site, with a parking lot and portable restroom. There is a…

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  2. Bristow Landing

      1. Camping
      2. Wildlife
      • River Mile 10-11
      • Latitude 43.93116
      • Longitude -122.98692

    LoadingThis large Greenway property extends along the river right for about a mile. There are multiple places to pull over, including flat gravel areas and a small backwater. Keep a…

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  3. Dilley Landing

      1. Boat Ramp, Rustic
      2. Vehicle Access/Parking
      • River Mile 6.5
      • Latitude 43.98095
      • Longitude -122.96655

    LoadingThis landing off Hwy 58 is located under the bridge that crosses the river. It is a simple boat ramp with no amenities. Parking is available.

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  4. Seavy Landing

      1. Camping
      2. Wildlife
      • River Mile 4-5
      • Latitude 43.99133
      • Longitude -122.97424

    LoadingThis is a rustic landing on river left. It is a collection of cottonwoods and willows. Camping is rustic in the little flat area that is available.

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  5. Howard Buford Recreation Area/Mt. Pisgah

      1. Boat Ramp
      2. Restrooms
      3. Vehicle Access/Parking
      4. Water
      5. Wildlife
      • River Mile 2.5-5
      • Latitude 44.00748
      • Longitude -122.98241

    LoadingThis is a wonderful siute along river right. This area has ample river frontage, with a couple of small places to stop and enjoy the scenery along the river. Along…

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