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    • Longitude -123.21009
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This makes a good starting point for a half-day paddle to Corvallis or a day paddle to Albany.


  1. Hey Folks – Over the summer I talked with multiple groups who were on the river upstream of Peoria, and who said they planned to camp at Peoria because of the restroom. You should know that as a campsite, Peoria is not the best, given the lack of space to camp, and the road that is right next to the Park. Sam Daws just upstream is a very nice large greenway park to camp at, and there is a very nice island not too far downstream owned by DSL. You can also camp a couple miles upstream of Sam Daws at Norwood Island as well.

  2. We kayaked from Peoria to Hyak park in Albany in about 5 hours. The current was moving well from Peoria to Corvallis and then it slowed down. We floated most of the first half and paddled most of the second half. There are some piles of woody debris scattered throughout this section. Beautiful scenery.

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