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  2. DSL Island

    This gravel bar island (RM 152) offers a paddle-in-only alternative to camping at Irish Bend, just downstream, and is owned by the Department of State Lands. In higher water flows, the channel on river right is passable. There are some nice spots here for sure!

  3. Arcane Cellars at Wheatland Winery & Vineyard

    We welcome our friends at Arcane Cellars (RM 72) as the first business property to join the Water Trail! Located just inside the channel behind Wheatland Bar, the Silva family live and work here, and have opened their doors to paddlers. Enjoy a game of bocce while you sip world-class Willamette Valley Pinot and more. Camp by the river or in the vineyard. Heck, they even built an outdoor shower for trail users, how’s that for hospitality? Contact Arcane in advance of your arrival (503-868-7076).

  4. Murphy Bar

    Located upstream of Independence (RM 98.5), Murphy Bar is part of the privately owned Wigrich Farm. Owned and operated by the Fitts family for decades, Wigrich Farm represents the first partnership with an agricultural property along the trail. The Bar lies on the edge of their filbert fields, and includes over 50 acres of gravel bar and forest. As always, practice Leave No Trace and be respectful, you are a guest!

  5. Norwood Island

    Thanks to your support, Willamette Riverkeeper was able to purchase Norwood Island from a private land owner in 2014. Situated at the confluence of the Willamette and Long Tom Rivers (RM 148.5), Norwood’s 90 acres of floodplain lands will serve well for new water trail campsites. Once used as farmland, the island is in the Upper Willamette section of the river and has been significantly replanted with native trees and shrubs. It also has an amazing backchannel, replete with native Freshwater Mussel beds (note- the wooden bridge in this backchannel was washed out in the spring of 2013, making passage easier). Riverkeeper and their volunteers are actively working to remove invasive weeds on the island and to improve habitat.