• Starting Point Bryant Park - RM 120
  • End Point Independence Riverview Park - RM 96
  • Why this Trip

    You can see an abundance of wildlife and experience the confluence of the Luckiamute and Santiam Rivers near Luckiamute State Natural Area, and also enjoy a tasting and tour at the riverside Chatoe Rogue Hop Farm.

  • Conditions and Equipment

    This is a large open section of river with only a few areas of fast moving water.

  • Amenity Highlights

    There is parking and restrooms at both Bryant Park and Takena Landing in Albany. By calling ahead, you can get permission to park overnight. Independence has free parking and restrooms.

  • Trip Description

    This trip can be done overnight, as there are campsites along the way.

    Also, not to be missed is a visit to “Chatoe Rogue Hop Farm“, located on river left at approximately RM 102, four miles down stream of the Buena Vista Ferry. Independence, OR used to be the hop capital of the world. Today, Rogue Brewery operates a sizeable hop farm, tasting room, & B&B on site of the 100 year old John Hass Aluvial Hop Farm. The farm is surrounded by cherry and filbert orchards and is home to several osprey nests amidst bean and wheat fields.

    While Rogue has a PRIVATE beach, and there is NO camping, you are welcome to land your paddle craft to visit the tasting room and to have a bite to eat (note: you may not use their beach as a put-in or take-out location). Call ahead if you are interested in scheduling a tour of this historic Hopyard and facility. Please contact “Executor of Hoppenings” Tarah Fair at 503-838-9813 or emailĀ [email protected]

  1. Bryant Park

      1. Picnic Table
      2. Restrooms
      3. Vehicle Access/Parking
      4. Water
      • River Mile 120
      • Latitude 44.6398
      • Longitude -123.1124

    A good place to put in or take out from the gravel beach for day paddles or extended trips.

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  2. Takena Landing

      1. Boat Ramp
      2. Restrooms
      • River Mile 119.5
      • Latitude 44.63992
      • Longitude -123.10658

    Includes a boat ramp for launching. Watch the bridge pilings at high water!

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  3. Bowman Park

      1. Boat Ramp
      2. Picnic Table
      3. Restrooms
      4. Water
      • River Mile 118.5
      • Latitude 44.64299
      • Longitude -123.08616

    This park can be used as a lunch stopif traveling from Albany or for refilling water.

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  4. Black Dog Landing

      1. Wildlife
      • River Mile 111-12
      • Latitude 44.71028
      • Longitude -123.14264

    This is a rustic Greenway. Keep an eye out for wildlife such as deer, osprey, and eagle.

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  5. Luckiamute Landing

      1. Camping
      2. Fire Ring
      3. Hiking
      4. Picnic Table
      5. Restrooms-Seasonal, Rustic
      6. Vehicle Access/Parking
      7. Wildlife
      • River Mile 108-110
      • Latitude 44.74661
      • Longitude -123.13936

    This is a fantastic Willamette River Greenway park. The main portion of the Greenway, as depicted on the map, is 250 acres, and an additional 400 acres have recently been…

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  6. Buena Vista Ferry

      • River Mile 106.5
      • Latitude 44.77017
      • Longitude -123.14732

    Operates April through October, Wednesday through Sunday. Hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays; 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekends. Pedestrians and bicyclists are free; nominal fee for vehicles.…

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  7. Wells Island

      1. Camping
      2. Wildlife
      • River Mile 106
      • Latitude 44.77717
      • Longitude -123.13828

    This is a scenic island with a wonderful channel to the left of the island. Watch for occasional strainers in this channel.

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  8. American Bottom

      1. Camping
      2. Fire Ring
      3. Picnic Table
      4. Restrooms-Seasonal, Rustic
      5. Wildlife
      • River Mile 104
      • Latitude 44.79581
      • Longitude -123.1161

    This OPRD Greenway parcel makes a very nice overnight campsite. It contains picnic tables, a seasonal toilet, and open grassy areas to camp in. Watch for purple camas–a native wildflower–in…

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  9. Sidney Access

      1. Camping
      2. Fire Ring
      3. Picnic Table
      • River Mile 102-101.25
      • Latitude 44.81533
      • Longitude -123.09327

    This OPRD parcel has a steep and difficult bank, making access very problematic. Improved access is a priority for this site in Willamette Water Trail Master Plan.

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  10. Judson Rocks

      1. Camping
      • River Mile 100
      • Latitude 44.82311
      • Longitude -123.11524

    Gravel island with a few cottonwoods and willows. Nice views and relatively quiet, although within sight of homes.

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  11. Independence Bar Landing

      1. Camping
      • River Mile 97
      • Latitude 44.83154
      • Longitude -123.17414

    A 10-acre OPRD parcel, the landing has ample shade and a rough rock beach along the riverfront. While primitive camping is allowed, noise from occasional traffic can be heard. (no…

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  12. Independence Island

      • River Mile 96
      • Latitude 44.84719
      • Longitude -123.18251

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  13. Independence Riverview Park

      1. Boat Ramp
      2. Picnic Table
      3. Restrooms-Seasonal, Rustic
      4. Vehicle Access/Parking
      5. Water
      • River Mile 95.5
      • Latitude 44.85292
      • Longitude -123.18164

    This is a nice city park that makes a good lunch stop or take-out/put-in. The park has toilets, and a short walk with take you downtown to amenities such as…

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