• Managed by Oregon Department of State Lands
    • Latitude 44.35611
    • Longitude -123.23416
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This gravel bar island (RM 152) offers a paddle-in-only alternative to camping at Irish Bend, just downstream, and is owned by the Department of State Lands. In higher water flows, the channel on river right is passable. There are some nice spots here for sure! The entire island is open for camping, either by the sign or on the right channel.


  1. This was a nice site; some shade can be found behind the gravel bar. An irrigation pump somewhere nearby was running all night, though.

  2. Easiest take out upstream from the official sign; grab the eddy river right just after the start of the riffle in the left channel. Take out at the sign has fast current and a high bank; more difficult with a loaded canoe.

  3. We call this thr “Mosquito Cove” campsite. Come for the shade, stay for the mosquitos. The back channel has some excellent shade in the afternoon. At low water the channel is cut off hence the mosquitos.

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