An island with a nice back channel. Watch the pilings at the entrance to the back channel. Camping is on the main channel side of the island on the gravel beach.


  1. Stopped here on an over-nighter with my dad, son and nephew to celebrate Summer solstice. We put in at Wallace Marine Park in Salem and pulled out at Wheatland boat ramp. Lost track of how many beavers we saw. They seemed to be everywhere. Also spotted deer along the shore in a few spots. Camped on this island. Had a great time making memories.

  2. Best camping we could find was a small flat gravel area at the south tip of the island on the main channel. Resist the urge to check out the north end for camping, there’s nothing there. Its’ a very pretty island and almost no river traffic in this area.

  3. The island is so overgrown that camping is impossible. The gravel is baseball sized rocks and impossible to camp ln.

  4. Pushed by a lightning storm and rain we looked hard for a camp spot in this stretch, but like James in 2020 found the island too overgrown and marshy for camping spot. Keep going, better options ahead on Spong’s Island / Lincoln Access at RM 77.

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