• Managed by Oregon Department of State Lands
    • Latitude 45.21458
    • Longitude -123.04902
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A large island with a very nice back channel. The mainstem side of the island consists of a large gravel bar backed by cottonwood and Pacific willow. Now and then aviation enthusists will land their small planes on the gravel bar and then take off again.  The back channel is quiet and affords an opportunity to view birds and possibly even beaver. It can be quite shallow in places during the summer, so watch out. Take note of the pilings across the top of the backchannel entrance, a paddle craft can pass through but look to make sure there isn’t additional wood. There are two campsite options at the top end of the island on the mainstem side, and then camping anywhere on the gravel bar on the lower end of the island works well (though in very hot weather a pop up shelter like an NRS River Wing would serve you well).

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