This property provides a good rustic campsite with a fair degree of solitude (no amenities).

Note that as of 9/16/20 Sam Daws and Buckskin Mary Landing are essentially one and the same site due to a shift in the river channel.


  1. Camping on the gravel bar at the main channel is okay, but the better campsite is on south side of the cutoff side channel. To get to it you need to go all the way down and paddle back up the calm side channel. The campsite is large and flat and the water in the side channel is still and warm. The frogs here were off the hook all night. ATTENTION: If you’re using the paper river guide, the channel in this area is dramatically different than on the map, and there are very few river mile markers.

  2. Hey Folks – There is a sign and a register box toward the upper end of Sam Daws. The Island is Buckskin Mary. The channel has changed here, and you fill find that during lower flows, the channel running between Sam Daws and Buckskin Mary gets too low to paddle. Taking the time to travel up the side channel is nice to access either site, but camping on the main stem has some nice spots too.

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