• Starting Point Peoria Park - RM 141
  • End Point Crystal Lake - RM 132
  • Why this Trip

    This is a good stretch for the whole family, with only occasional stretches of swift current.

  • Conditions and Equipment

    This stretch is good for canoes and kayaks. It is mostly flat water with a few areas of strong current and occasional strainers.

  • Amenity Highlights

    Peoria Park has free parking and a pit toilet, and Crystal Lake has free parking and portable toilets.

  • Trip Description

    This stretch also gives a good sense of agricultural lands along the river and has a few small gravel islands owned by the department of State Lands where paddlers can stop and view the scenery, pitch a tent, or search out migratory songbirds. There is also a good campsite at River Jetty Landing owned by OPRD.


  1. Peoria Park

      1. Boat Ramp
      2. Picnic Table
      3. Restrooms
      4. Vehicle Access/Parking
      • River Mile 141.5
      • Latitude 44.45402
      • Longitude -123.21009

    LoadingThis makes a good starting point for a half-day paddle to Corvallis or a day paddle to Albany.  If you are taking out here, it can be easy to miss…

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  2. Kiger Island Landing

      1. Wildlife
      • River Mile 137.5
      • Latitude 44.50345
      • Longitude -123.21272


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  3. Department of State Lands Island

      1. Camping
      2. Wildlife
      • River Mile 136.5
      • Latitude 44.51242
      • Longitude -123.22266

    LoadingIslands like this can be used for rustic camping.

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  4. River Jetty Landing

      1. Camping
      2. Wildlife
      • River Mile 136
      • Latitude 44.52277
      • Longitude -123.23232

    LoadingRustic camping, no amenities.

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  5. Crystal Lake Boat Ramp

      1. Boat Ramp
      2. Restrooms
      3. Vehicle Access/Parking
      • River Mile 132.5
      • Latitude 44.55177
      • Longitude -123.25187

    LoadingLocated at the edge of Willamette Park, this makes a good put-in and take-out point or a starting point for a short evening paddle down to  Michael’s landing or Albany.

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  1. When I lived in Corvallis, I did this float on a tube often. Be aware that it’s LONG if floating on a tube (~5 or 6 hours) and if you start late, you get into Corvallis when the river is in a lot of shade, which can be chilly. There is also some paddling to do to get out from the boat launch to the river. Regardless, it’s a very easy, enjoyable float or canoe (just be sure to bring sunblock with you for reapplication). An alternative which is just as easy (but just as long) is to start at Michael’s Landing in Corvallis and Float to Hyak Park along Hwy 20 to Albany.

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