This is a downloadable PDF version of the Upper and Lower Water Trail Maps.

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This is a downloadable PDF version of both the Upper and Lower Water Trail Maps.


Note that this is a digital product only. No physical maps will be sent.


This downloadable purchase supports the Willamette Water Trail Stewardship and Education efforts. You will receive PDF files; we ask that if you want additional copies to share with your friends, that you purchase additional copies and support our work. The download links will allow three separate downloads before expiring. 


  1. I just bout the downloadable version, but don’t see a link

  2. It is often shuffled into the spam/junk folder. Check in there!

  3. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, my spam folder get’s deleted daily! Yikes. I wonder if you could send it again – if indeed you did receive the payment, it would not hurt to send it a second time if you could pease have the time?? Thanks.

  4. Where can I purchase paper copy’s of the river map

  5. Maps can be purchased here: https://willamettewatertrail.org/store/
    We are working on updating our maps and hope to release them early in November!

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