This is another large area, with flat areas among the river rock to camp. The river is constantly changing; in this zone in particular, you will find that the river has changed its course as compared to the printed water trail maps.


  1. I couldn’t find much suitable for camping here. And this side channel no longer flows. Better to continue up around the bend to Buckskin Mary. There was a Bald Eagle eating a fish here.

  2. We found a decent camp just north of where the map icon for Sam Daws Landing shows on the river trail map.

  3. Hmmm. There is a lot of room on the West Side of the river, basically from the river’s edge up to 150 feet in. The East side, where there is a river register works great too, and has a lot more space.

  4. Our group was unclear on the location. The symbol on the map is in a large stand of trees where we didn’t see any signs. The west side matches the description better, but looked open and unappealing on a 95 degree day. Continued to the Buckskin Mary sign just a bit farther.

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