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Thanks to your support, Willamette Riverkeeper was able to purchase Norwood Island from a private land owner in 2014. Situated at the confluence of the Willamette and Long Tom Rivers (RM 149), Norwood’s 90 acres of floodplain lands will serve well for new water trail campsites. Once used as farmland, the island is in the Upper Willamette section of the river and has been significantly replanted with native trees and shrubs. It also has an amazing backchannel, replete with native Freshwater Mussel beds (note- the wooden bridge in this backchannel was washed out in the spring of 2013, making passage easier). Riverkeeper and their volunteers are actively working to remove invasive weeds on the island and to improve habitat.



  1. As of late July 2013, the channel is passable by an ~8ft gap in the log jam at the remains of the old bridge. It’s a really nice detour off the main channel with good fishing where the Long Tom River comes in. I didn’t see any good camping, but maybe from the main channel something would work.

  2. Hey Folks – Camping is best from the main channel side. Check out the camp site on the property toward the downstream end. The bank here is a little high, but there is more of a gravel beach to take out on. You can also camp just across the river on the big gravel bar – that is part of the Norwood Island property.

  3. Spent the night here on an overnight from Harrisburg to Corvallis. Stayed at the main site in the middle of the island off the main channel. Challenging take out when you’re the gear canoe with two kayakers; swift current and not much of an eddy. But the campsite made up for it. Just beautiful; thousands of flowers, beautiful pines, cleared sites for tents- very nice! Can’t wait to stay here again!

  4. First night camp from Harrisburg to Independence. Access was great and easy from the main channel down toward the far end of the island, near the WaterTrail sign. We left the canoe on the gravel bar with the kitchen, and camped up on the flat. Looks like you could get multiple tents in here. Be sure to pick a few blackberries for breakfast!

  5. Back again this year to watch the eclipse from camp on Norwood Island. This time, we established camp farther upstream. As you come into this big bend, start looking on your left for a landing spot. Many nice cleared campsites up on the bench above the gravel, linked with a trail. Great view of the eclipse and the eastern morning sky.

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