This is a fantastic Willamette River Greenway park. The main portion of the Greenway, as depicted on the map, is 250 acres, and an additional 400 acres have recently been purchased. With its position at the confluence of the Santiam and Willamette Rivers, and the Luckiamute and Willamette Rivers, the area has an abundance of wildlife. Confluence areas typically have a higher number of fish species.

Deer, beaver, river otter, osprey, and an array of birdscan be seen at this property. Also, one of the better water trail campsites is located here.


  1. This is primarily a “paddle in” campsite. While there is a parking lot, it is about a mile from camp.

  2. Great camp site. We camped on the beach, but the meadow looks like a good option too. The porta-potty is great amenity, though it could perhaps be placed in the shade.

  3. Great site – camped on the gravel beach. Many osprey overhead in the morning.

  4. Camp three (from Half Moon Bend) on the way from Harrisburg to Independence. This is a great spot, so many layers of history and things going on at the confluence. Be sure to paddle up the Luckiamute a ways when you depart: a different kind of river that will make you think “bayou.” If you are camped here overnight, walk the road out to the parking area (a couple miles) for a good look at this amazing cottonwood forest: a nice leg stretch after kneeling in the canoe for three days!

  5. My 91 year old Mother grew up in Burma Vista. She is a treasure box of information on the Luckiamute. Her father drove logs down the river. She knows where the Indian encampments were and has many stories of growing up there. If you are interested, I can put you in contact with her.

  6. Wondering if this is a place you can launch a sit-on-top kayak from? Is there a primitive boat landing, or do you need to start from somewhere else?
    Also, I’d be really interested in exploring the area rather than heading down river. How is the current?

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